Bigg Boss 17 Promo: Abhishek Kumar’s emotional break down enrages host Karan Johar; says, “Ye bawaal machane ki kya jarurat hai Abhishek?”

Abhishek was seen expressing remorse, not anticipating Tehelka’s eviction.

This weekend, Karan Johar stepped into the hosting spotlight, bringing a straightforward and honest vibe. He didn’t hold back, giving some contestants a reality check for the week’s events. A surprising elimination teased in the promo is set to shake things up.

In Saturday’s episode, Karan Johar reveals the elimination of Sunny Arya, known as Tehelka, due to a physical altercation with Abhishek Kumar. The twist? Abhishek is visibly emotional, shedding tears during the announcement, and Tehelka’s close friend Arun Mashettey also breaks down.


The promo shows Karan Johar revealing, “Sunny Arya, Bigg Boss ke ahem niyam ko ulanghan karne ke karan aapko iss ghar se nikala jaata hai.” Using physical violence is a major breach of law in the Bigg Boss house.

Arun, Tehelka’s constant companion since the show began, tearfully pleads with Bigg Boss not to evict him. Their strong friendship is evident as Arun emphasizes that he can’t imagine continuing in the show without Tehelka by his side.

Abhishek, the one subjected to Tehelka’s physical aggression, is visibly emotional, repeatedly apologizing. He expresses remorse, not anticipating Tehelka’s eviction. Emotions run high as not only Abhishek but also Munawar Faruqui, Ankita Lokhande, and others get emotional witnessing Sunny, aka Tehelka’s elimination.

The promo gives us a glimpse of Abhishek’s emotional break down which doesn’t fit well with Karan. The host is seen schooling the contestant as he says, “Yeh bawaal machane ki kya zaroorat thi Abhishek?” However, things heat up when Abhishek keeps trying to prove his point and doesn’t allow Karan to talk. The host loses his calm and asks Abhishek to keep shut.

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