Bigg Boss 17 BB Quicks: Isha Malviya makes fun of Abhishek Kumar for not compromising on diet; latter says, “Band kar dia toh mein patla ho jaunga”

Isha Malviya teases Abhishek Kumar about his diet, joking about his food choices. Abhishek defends his healthy eating habits in the recent Bigg Boss 17 BB quicks clip.

In the latest Bigg Boss 17 BB quicks clipping, Isha Malviya pulls Abhishek Kumar’s leg as she makes fun of his diet inside the controversial house. Abhishek taking it seriously shares a snippet into his healthy diet routine.

This BB Quicks clip opens with Abhishek and Isha having breakfast near the dining area. When Isha points out saying, “Kitna dabaake kha rhaa hai,” in a low voice. At first, Abhishek cannot hear it, but the second he does and asks why. Isha then pulling his leg explains, “Maltab dudh tera, ande tere, pata nahi kya hai itna. Esha nahi ki compromise kar liya.”


Abhishek replies, “Bahar toh mein compromise hi Kar raha tha yaha aake kha Rahu na.” Isha sensing the serious tone cleared out that she just pulling his leg. She says, “Majak kar rahi hu.” Abhishek then points out how these are the only healthy fats he eats. He says, “Mein sirf yehi healthy fats khata hun, ishe bhi band kar dia toh mein patla ho jaunga.”

Isha then asks Abhishek about why he does not boil his eggs, he replies that he drinks it instead.

The two then have a hearty laugh over an intimate joke. Abhishek on not compromising on diet explains how he only prefers to eat healthy fat foods in his diet which are essential for his physique.

Abhishek Kumar recently had an argument with Vicky Jain over stealing weekly ration. The argument escalated when Abhishek pulled Vicky’s arm leading to a physical fight between the two. Abhishek then later calmed down and apologised while promising to never to repeat it again.