Bigg Boss 16: “Your chashma very beautiful,” Abdu Rozik’s reveals reason for loving Nimrit Ahluwalia

Tina excitedly says, “ohhhh so that’s why you like her so much.”


In one of the very recent Live Shorts video clips shared on Voot, the OTT and digital partner of Colors Tv, we see Abdu Rozik, the world record holder of being the shortest singer in the world, sitting around kitchen counter while Nimrit Ahluwalia, the ‘Choti Sardarni’ Maher from a very popular and high-trp rating daily show of Colors Tv, and the ‘Uttrann’ fame Ichcha, one of the older daily tv soaps of Colors Tv, Tina Datta are making chapatis and sabzi in the kitchen. Abdu Rozik is chit chatting and indulging in useless bickering with the two lead actresses and big and famous faces of Colors Tv.

In the clip we see Abdu starting the conversation by saying, “main bahut akela,” referring to all his group mates busy doing their activities and he sitting idle. Tina and Nimrit both react to the cute contestant when Abdu goes on further to say, “your chashma very beautiful, and you are also very beautiful.” To this Nimrit Ahluwalia replies with a blush, “thank you.” Then, Tina Datta adds, “Nimrit looks like those hot teachers.” Abdu Rozik agrees with Tina’s opinions.

Now, taking conversation from hereon, Abdu tells that before coming to Bigg Boss he was taking Hindi classes from a Hindi school. In that school, his teacher resembled Nimrit very much. Tina excitedly says, “ohhhh so that’s why you like her so much.”