Bigg Boss 16: “You have to become wrong after right;” Abdu Rozik impresses Fahmaan Khan with his wisdom

bdu adds, “yes bro, not always.”


Abdu Rozik in one of the video clips of unseen undekha uploaded on Voot is seen discussing with Fahmaan Khan about what is right and what is wrong. Sumbul Touqeer Khan is also sitting near them. They are sitting in the garden area behind the swimming pool beside the closed smoking area. Abdu is explaining to Fahmaan and imaginary house in he garden area of Bigg Boss 16. He is seen saying. “this bathroom, this bedroom, this living area.

Fahmaan says. “no this is not right.” And that’s where their weird conversation starts on what is right and what is wrong. And how wrong is right and how right wrong is. Fahmaan says, “you have to become wrong after right. If someone is wrong, it means they are right. This makes Abdu Rozik say, “sometimes.” Fahmaan repeats himself, “sometimes? hmm.” Abdu adds, “yes bro, not always.”

Abdu goes on to express, “what is wrong is wrong. What is right is right.” He adds, “but sometimes wrong person can be right, and right person can be wrong also.” He then says, “right person is less wrong but wrong person is always wrong.” This makes Fahmaan laugh while Sumbul is just sitting there listening to both the men talking.