Bigg Boss 16: “Tu ise kuch kehta kyun nahin hai?” Archana Gautam to Gautam Vig when Soundarya Sharma spends time with Shiv Thakare

Archana was seen educating Soundarya about the way Shiv Thakare was trying to touch her.


Archana Gautam has become the ‘saas’ of Bigg Boss 16 house. She is seen sitting in one corner of the house and gossiping and/or giving her piece of mind to someone or the other about someone or the other. Recently in last night’s telecast of Bigg Boss 16’s episode, Archana was seen sitting with Gautam Singh Vig and poking him to say something to Soundarya Sharma, his girlfriend inside the house, when the latter is seen having a good time with another strong contestant, Shiv Thakare in the bathroom area.

In fact, even a day prior, Archana was seen educating the dentist and actor-model Soundarya Sharma about the way Shiv Thakare was trying to touch her and dance with her in front of Katrina Kaif during last week’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode. Archana added, “Katrina kya soch rahi hogi, btao.” Soundarya, even though, in her own words, is fond of Archana, she did not like the way Archana imposes her ‘low mentality” on her. Soundarya was even seen discussing her point of view to Archana herself and she mentioned how she did not feel Shiv’s touch was a bad touch at all. Because a girl can almost always tell if it’s a good touch or a bad touch.

Have a look at the clip where Shiv and Soundarya are having a jolly good time:

Archana seems to be falling short of her own content so, seemingly, she is trying to gather some from the love birds Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Singh Vig.