Bigg Boss 16: “Teri pappi na lelun main?” Why did Tina Datta tell this to Abdu Rozik?

Shalin explains, “pappi is kissi.”


Tina Datta in one of the video clips of unseen undekha on Voot asks Abdu Rozik what happened to his nails to which Abdu replied, “this fire making.” Tina worriedly asks, “what fire? Where did fire come from?” So Abdu replies, “no fire, me joking making. this, girls making nails and me write my name of chicken so this happen.” Tina looks around and says, “teri pappi na lelun main?” Abdu rozik is confused and asks, “what?” Tina Datta repeats, “teri pappi na lelun main?” Abdu while picking up a spray bottle asks, “Bro what this? What is pappi?” Tina says, “Sabh pata hai tujhe, samajhta nahin toh vo pakadta nahin mujhe maarne ke liye.”

Shalin Bhanot who is sitting on the couch in the captain’s room says, “sabh pata hai ise pappi ka matlab.” Abdu says, “no really bro, me no understand what pappi.” Shalin explains, “pappi is kissi.” Tina also repeats Shalin, “yes Pappi means kissi.” So Abdu enquires, “what kissi bro?” Shalin then explains, “kissi is kiss, kiss.” Tina also repeats, “kiss, give me a kiss.” So Abdu threatens Tina with her actions of having a spray bottle in her hands.

Shalin calls Abdu and hugs him and says, “yes, man to man.” Tina feels left out and asks, “can I at least get a hug?” Shalin says, “aww please go give her a hug.” Abdu goes and hugs Tina who then doesn’t let him go off of her. Abdu asks Shalin, “how you manage this bro?” Shalin says, “with pleasure.”