Bigg Boss 16: SHOCKING! CHECK OUT- Why did Gautam Vig get fired from his captaincy?

Gautam Vig fired from the captaincy position by Bigg Boss.


Bigg Boss game is unpredictable and there are no two ways that anyone can fake in this house for a long period of time. Contestants real personalities are seen during decision during game and tasks. Gautam Vig became the captain of the house by giving up the whole ration of the house. Contestants were very angry at him and busted out in anger.

In the latest promo it is seen that questions are raised on his captaincy and contestants have to decide whether he should have the benefits and power of being the captain of the house. While some contestants are in favor, Shalin Bhanot is against of Vig getting the power of being the captain. The latest updates of Khabri state that Gautam Vig has been fired from the position of captain by Bigg Boss and the reason states that he is not focusing on being the captain but more towards his bond with Soundarya Sharma. Have a look at the promo here:

Gautam shares a good bond with Shiv Thakare and Soundarya Sharma. However he also has a good equation with Archana Gautam and Priyanka Choudhary. Do you support him as being the captain of the house? Comment us down and let us know your views on the same. For more updates and details about the tasks and from the house stay tuned with us!