Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot gives love advice to Gautam Singh Vig; says, “Isse agay matt badhna”

After the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ Gautam was seen being extremely zoned out, rather worried and in deep thought.

Bigg Boss season 16’s 3rd ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ saw Karan Johar, durng his one-time stint as Bigg Boss host, bringing up two main topics in the house. First one was Gori Nagori and Archana Gautam’s ugly and crass fight, where both hurled cuss words at each other. Ignoring everything Archana said, Karan Johar bashed Gori and even gave a choice of leaving the show, but later on telling her to stay. And the second issue picked up by Karan was Gautam Singh Vig and Soundarya Sharma’s apparent love story being fake. Even though most housemates feel their love is genuine even after the recently-evicted Manya Singh accused Soundarya of being ‘characterless’ and only being with Gautam because he was the captain that week.

Post the discussion, Gautam was seen being extremely zoned out, rather worried and in deep thought. A lot of housemates were seen cheering him up. Nimrit advised him of taking it with a pinch of salt. She added. that this is going to happen during ‘Weekend Ka Vaars;’ Sometimes, they will be lauded at and other times laughed at. Sajid Khan was also seen explaining to Gautam that he is being too worked up, where Soundarya should be the one to be getting worked up. The latter agreed to Sajid because she was seen cheering Gautam up besides she being implied at being ‘characterless.’


In a recent promo of tonight’s episode doing its rounds on YouTube, shows us Shalin Bhanot, the one Gautam had such a huge fight with recently over Sumbul Touqeer, giving advice to Vig of not taking his apparent relationship with Soundarya ahead. Gautam was seen defending his relationship saying, “main apni feelings janta hun, aur mujhe uski taraf se vo feelings dikh rahi hai.”

How true is their love, only time will tell.