Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot gives another audition in the house as he cries for Abdu Rozik; Is this because the latter is the captain?

ew days ago even Tina was seen telling Abdu that now they will spend more time with each other.


Shalin Bhanot has been accused multiple times of portraying his fake self inside the Bigg Boss house. His mannerisms look like he’s performing a fictional act; as if he’s acting and performing a character’s role, like his tv shows. Shiv Thakare has pointed out many times on various ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes that Shalin is being too fake with his actions, his love angle for Tina and what not. Bigg Boss himself called him inside the confession room and chided him by saying, “pure ghar mein apni auditions dena bandh karein.”

Even after all this, Shalin Bhanot does not seem to be changing his game, strategy and approach. He is still seen faking it all. Even his issues and demands for chicken from Bigg Boss came across as extremely fake.

Now, in last night’s episode, Archana Gautam was seen challenging Abdu during his captaincy. She was unnecessarily poking Abdu claiming that he’s a competitor too and won’t be treated as a guest anymore. That time, along with Shiv and Sajid, who genuinely seem to be real and true friends of Abdu, Shalin was seen defending Abdu.

Archana did not stop there and neither did Shalin. Archana deliberately slept during the day just to irritate Abdu Rozik and Shalin came for Abdu’s rescue. While discussing Abdu’s plight, Shalin was seen crying for the little chap.

Well, all this could be because Abdu is the captain and Shiv is his best friend, who is Shalin’s arch rival in the house. Few days ago even Tina was seen telling Abdu that now they will spend more time with each other. These two self-proclaimed players think Abdu doesn’t understand, but that little fella is cleverer that most contestants in the house.