Bigg Boss 16: “Prize money se 25 Lakh rupay katenge;” why does Salman Khan scare housemates by saying this?

This comes along the lines of the twist in elimination round after this week’s nominations.


In of of the promos of tonight’s telecast of Bigg Boss season 16’s fifth week’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes, going widely viral on all of the social media platforms on the internet, shows Salman Khan warning the housemates of losing 25 Lakh rupees from their prize money.

This comes along the lines of the twist in elimination round after this week’s nominations in the beginning of this week of the most controversial show of the country. Despite a huge fan following Sumbul Touqeer Khan is nominated by housemates because she is not doing anything in the house. Despite being the naughtiest contestant of current running Bigg Boss season 16, Archana Gautam is nominated by housemates for creating a lot of trouble and picking up fights with almost everyone including her best friend forever Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. And finally, under a constant radar of indulging in a fake relationship with Gautam Singh Vig and constantly being demanded of justifications to prove their relationship is genuine and real, Soundarya Sharma, the dentist and actor-model is also nominated this week by housemates for various reasons — personal and game-wise.

Now, the voting lines for this week’s elimination were stopped by the channel and makers of Bigg Boss 16. Everyone has been speculating Sumbul to be ousted and made to stay in a secret room and shown footage and made to learn how to play the game and then resent inside the Bigg Boss house. If this is true, it could be happening because of two reasons — huge fan following of Sumbul outside of Bigg Boss house and Sumbul being paid the maximum per-week payment of more than 12 lakh rupees. But Sumbul isn’t playing as per the expectations.

In the promo, Salman is asking the three nominated contestants to choose one person each whom they trust a lot and they will have to press a buzzer for something. What the real task of elimination is going to be, only tonight’s episode will tell.