Bigg Boss 16: “Kuch Kuch hota hai vapas shuro hogaya!” Rajiv Adatia on Sumbul-Shalin-Tina love triangle

She hugged both Shalin and Tina in last night’s episode.


Sumbul Touqeer Khan has been displaying confusing actions inside the Bigg Boss house since day 1. Now her actions are not confusing not only for the housemates but for fans of ‘Imlie actress too. She started off the season falling in love with Shalin Bhanot. Soon after denying it on national television. Her dad comes to explain to her, she gets confused and again goes back to Shalin. She becomes close friends with Tina Datta too, because Shalin Bhanot has fallen in a fake love with Tina Datta. Now, Tina and Shalin both hurt her emotions. Sumbul fights with Shalin and wins the heart of her fans and housemate alike. But Shalin still doesn’t talk nicely to her. But Sumbul now has again gone back to normal with Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta.

She hugged both Shalin and Tina in last night’s episode. She does not know what she’s doing. Fans are also confused what Sumbul is up to. She didn’t even fight with Tina when she was exposed to the MyGlam comment made by Tina against her. She literally is doing nothing and whenever she does something, she bounces back from it, hurting the emotions of fans who are supporting her day and night, while she is inside the Bigg Boss house, cut off from the entire world.

Rajiv Adatia, an ex contestant from Bigg Boss season 15 has been pretty vocal about the happenings of Bigg Boss season 16. He too has made fun of Sumbul’s confused attitude and how Tina and Shalin are cunningly playing with the 18-year-old girl.