Bigg Boss 16: “Janaani? Mardangi jayega? Nalla?” Rajiv Adatia’s angry tweet against Shalin Bhanot and Gautam Vig

Shalin even went on to call Gautam “husky” — one of the many breeds of pet dogs.


Last night we saw yet another verbal spat between the two apparently fake contestants of Bigg Boss season 16, who are seen needing each other to gain footage and be seen in front of the camera, Shalin Bhanot and Gautam Singh Vig. In the fight, Shalin was seen making fun of Gautam’s manliness by saying, “teri daadhi teri mardangi bacha leti hai.”

This fight was ignited when Shalin, Tina Datta, Sumbul Touqeer Khan and MC Stan were all inside the smoking bathroom in the room of two. They were all smoking together when Bigg Boss has strictly mentioned that only one person will smoke at one time. Breaking of this rule enraged the owner of the house, Bigg Boss, who called out all of these contestants and also announced that from now on, there won’t be any cigarettes made available for the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house.

This was sure to spark a rage amongst those smokers who also smoke but weren’t a part of the group called out by Bigg Boss. This included Gautam Singh Vig, who took a dig at Shalin Bhanot, who was apologising from Bigg Boss for doing what he did. Gautam took this as an opportunity to pick up a fight with Shalin Bhanot. The latter started making nasty comments on Gautam’s ‘mardangi’ by saying that he is a “janani” and a “Nalla.” Shalin even went on to call Gautam “husky” — one of the many breeds of pet dogs. This was not taken in well by ex Bigg Boss contestants from season 15 — Rajiv Adatia. Here’s what Rajiv wrote for the incident on Twitter: