Bigg Boss 16: Is Nimrit Ahluwalia the new flipper? Proclaims, “In terms of the dynamics, things have changed”

Soundarya Sharma accused Nimrit of claiming that, “maine (Nimrit) lonely ratein, time bitaya hai Shiv ke sath.”

Bigg Boss season 16 saw a shift in paradigm in the dynamics of the anyway ever-changing relations. Bigg Boss fired Archana Gautam by giving her a call and telling her, “Archana, ap mukt hain.” He said this because Archana, who was made the captain of the house last week by Bigg Boss himself as a punishment, had been complaining and cribbing about being Bigg Boss’s captain of the house. She didn’t quite like the way everything has to be managed by the captain. She can’t run after people to make them do the house chores. Bigg Boss obliged and using every sarcastic word there is in his dictionary, insulted Archana and made her realise that captaincy needs to be earned in this house and she got it as a punishment.

Bigg Boss went on to announce the captaincy task for the new and upcoming captain. During the task Nimrit played her strategy and gave up on a lot of ration for the house to let Shiv continue to be a contender for the captaincy. This irked Gautam Singh Vig, Nimrit’s former best-friend-forever, who started questioning Nimrit’s loyalty by shouting his lungs out at her and asking why would she save a Shiv Thakare, who wasn’t even her friend to begin with. Not just Gautam, even her own apparent friends, Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot were seen disagreeing with Nimrit’s decision.


Now, in one of the promos of tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss season 16, doing rounds on social media, shows Nimrit sitting with Shiv Thakare’s gang of friends. She is seen saying, in terms of the dynamics, things have changed.” This has affected Shalin, Soundarya Sharma and Gautam, who are discussing how Nimrit has flipped. Soundarya even accused Nimrit of claiming that, “maine (Nimrit) lonely ratein, time bitaya hai Shiv ke sath.”