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Bigg Boss 16: Here’s the REAL reason for Abdu Rozik’s exit from the controversial house

As the eviction rumours run wild about Abdu Rozik, however last night the singer left the house for an altogether different reason. Take a look!

Bigg Boss 16’s episode stirred up a lot of feelings when Abdu Rozik, the house’s “light,” left. Due to Christmas, the voting booths were closed for the whole week. But Bigg Boss revealed something that everyone found shocking. According to the announcement, Abdu’s management team requested a few days off the show since he recently obtained a “life-changing” opportunity from an international organization.

Everyone was stunned by the announcement that Abdu must leave the show because a global team wants to create a video game about him and track his live performances. Shiv Thakare, Sajid Khan, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, and MC Stan all broke down in tears upon hearing the news. But everyone gave him a big embrace and wished him luck. Bigg Boss added that the housemates must consent for Abdu to make a comeback and enter as a contender.


After giving his buddies hugs, Abdu left the competition. The people closest to Abdu, Nimrit, Shiv, Sajid, and MC Stan, broke down in tears and said how much they miss him. They were anticipating his swift return. Salman Khan chastised the competitors for their “disrespectful” behaviour and said that the viewers weren’t too fond of it. With palms folded, Sajid apologized to the audience and Abdu’s family.