Bigg Boss 16: Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Vishal Kotian are disgusted by Sajid Khan’s ugly behaviour

Vishal Kotian even said, “I would have broken his face.”


The most controversial show of the country, Bigg Boss has the most controversial contestant of the country, Sajid Khan in its current running season 16. Sajid Khan is rumoured to have entered the Bigg Boss house to whitewash his image. Back in 2018, Sajid Khan was back-t0-back accused by nine women of #MeToo, which is a coming out campaign for sexually abused, molested and harassed women against influential men of the country, especially those belonging to the Bollywood Industry. Sajid khan has ever since not been able to work and earn a living for himself. He himself accepted during the premier of Bigg Boss season 16 on October 1, 2022, that he was overcome by his arrogance and that he was removed from his own film set overnight. But the director seems to have forgotten about cleaning his image and what all is at stake against him while he is inside the house. Because what he did over the last ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ and after that, has made a lot of ex contestants of Bigg Boss really angry and disgusted.

In one of the latest episodes of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar,’ when Gautam Singh Vig chose captaincy by giving up the entire ration of the house, Sajid Khan was seen abusing Gautam for his decision of taking away food from everyone just because of Gautam’s desperation of staying in the house and to prove to everyone that his love for Soundarya Sharma isn’t fake.

Even though Sajid Khan’s words were silenced by team Bigg Boss, fans could make out the cuss words he was saying to Gautam, his co-housemate. A lot of angry celebrity ex contestants of the show, like Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Vishal Kotian took to Twitter to express their disgust over the choice of filthy vocabulary spewed out of Sajid Khan’s mouth.

Vishal Kotian even said, “I would have broken his face.”