Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam seeks help from Shalin Bhanot as her earings get stuck; Teases by saying, “Tina aa jayegi toh kya sochegi”

Archana Gautam seeks help from Shalin Bhanot as her earings get stuck.


Bigg Boss 16 contestants have many ups and downs in their game as staying under the same roof without any means of entertainment is difficult. In the recent Extra Masala snippet it is seen that Archana and Shalin share a cute nok-jhok moment where Archana is cooing food and her earings get stuck and as her hands are dirty she can’t fix it.

She goes to Shalin for help while he is washing the utensils and he is about to clean his hands and help Archana and the problem gets fixed. Archana then says,”Isko pata chal gaya ki Shalin aa raha hai, toh fix hoagaya.” Shalin laughs on the same and agrees to Archana. Further Archana adds,”Tina aa jaati toh..Tina aajayegi toh kya sochegi.” On the other hand Shalin adds,”Usko kuch nahi, usse mazza ayaega.” The clip ends with Archana teasing Shalin with Tina and pulling his leg.

The duo Archana and Shalin share a good bond, and Shalin and Tina’s bond is loved by the viewers of the show. They shower all their love to the duo and named them ShaLina. What is your take on this? Comment us down and let us know your views on the same. For more updates and details about the tasks and from the house stay tuned with us!