Bigg Boss 15, Tejasswi Prakash reveals her feelings for Kushal Tandon!

In a clip from Bigg Boss 15, Jay Bhanushali questions Tejasswi Prakash about her dating life outside the BB house.

Participants in the house of Bigg Boss are generally celebrities and artists from the industry, and being human beings, they always have a past. In a clip of Bigg Boss 15, Jay Bhanushali was seen asking Tejasswi Prakash about her dating g life outside the house of Bigg Boss.

In the Extra Masala clip of Bigg Boss 15, Jay and Tejasswi can be seen sitting in the dining area where Jay asks if Tejasswi has ever dated an industry guy to which she declines. Jay, referring to Karan Kundrra, asks if he is the first one from the Industry, to which Tejasswi laughs and says, “I am not dating him! He is sweet and nice.” She then calls out for Umar Riaz who was cleaning the dishes. Umar asks about the matter to which, Jay says, “I asked her if she has dated anyone from the industry and if not, is Karan the first one? She declined and called for you. I told her that if Umar comes, he will poke you more.” Tejasswi giggles hearing this.


Tejasswi said, “I swear on my mother, I have not dated anyone from the Industry.” to which Umar says, “You must’ve had flings in the industry then or must have had a crush on your co-actors.” as a joke. Jay then continued asking her if she ever thought of any actor before joining the Industry. Tejasswi smiles and says, “Kushal Tandon!” Hearing this, Jay says, “You should have waited. Kushal and I are very close friends. I would have called him right away once out of this house and tell him how good of a human you are.”