Bigg Boss 15: Tejasswi Prakash is all set to have a “chaddi gang” of her own

In an Unseen Undekha video, Tejasswi strikes a funny conversation and reveals how she plans to make a chaddi gang that would wash all the chaddis!

Bigg Boss 15 has been in the headlines constantly since the day of it’s grand premier. The show which is infamous for all the controversies and drama, however, is much loved by the fans. This season has been successful in giving out the perfect dose of entertainment, and we are thoroughly enjoying it!

In an Unseen Undekha clip shown on Voot, Tejasswi Prakash is giving out some hilarious content based on her love for ‘chaddis.’ The video starts with Karan Kundrra and Vishal Kotian sitting in the garden area when Tejasswi walks up to them. She asks the duo whether the clothes that are kept for drying on the racks are theirs, to which both deny. However, she goes on giving out the details of what her plans for the day are.


She mentions that along with Nishant Bhat, she will be washing away all the ‘chaddis.’ The contestant also reveals that the number of chaddis that they need to wash is around 70 something, which leaves Vishal and Karan in a state of shock. Not only this, but she also offers the duo a warm welcome to her ‘chaddi gang.’ However hearing this, Karan takes a dig at her situation saying, “Ye kya marathon hai kya? Itni sari chadiya sukhayegi kaha? Tere ye gang mein se count us out, hum karlge khud hi kuch!”
The conversation ends abruptly when Tejasswi realises she has given out too much information on the inner wears, which makes Karan and Vishal burst out into laughter!