Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant talks about the real reason behind chosing the house to reveal her husband Ritesh

Rakhi Sawant in the episode of BB15 was asked about the reason behind choosing the show to reveal her husband Ritesh. Replied that no one believed her the previous year.


Two popular radio personalities were invited to the Bigg Boss 15 show. In the episode, they grilled the housemates with some challenging and hard-hitting questions. The RJs interrogated Rakhi Sawant about her marriage and why she chose Bigg Boss 15 to present her husband to the world, as well as whether or not she is Ritesh’s legal wife.

Rakhi Sawant revealed why she agreed to the announce her husband on Bigg Boss 15. When  asked why she said “Nobody believed me the last time I appeared on Bigg Boss 14 whoen I said I was married. My spouse, mother, and his family all cried a lot. Later, my husband informed me that he would travel to India to announce the wedding at a reception in Mumbai. But I intervened because I had already been offered Bigg Boss, which is my bread and butter. And because the the reality show is popular and watched all over the world, I decided to tell everyone on Bigg Boss 15 that I am married and that he is my husband.”