Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant reveals that she is not legally married to husband Ritesh

Rakhi Sawant was asked some hard hitting questions by the Rjs, in the recent episode. The actress became tearful and revealed not being legally married to Ritesh.

The reality shows Bigg Boss season 15 is nearing the end of its run. Bigg Boss 15 makers, on the other hand, welcomed two prominent RJs to the show, who were seen interrogating the housemates with difficult questions. Rakhi was quizzed by the RJs if Rakhi Sawant is legally married to Ritesh?

Rakhi became tearful when asked why some of her housemates were likewise not ready to accept the marriage and thought she was faking it “They are not to blame. People get married and have nice mehndi, baarat, and pheras, but I didn’t have any of it. Nobody even chose a man for me, and I married behind closed doors in a hotel room. I said, Yes, after checking his bank account and passbook.” said Rakhi. Rakhi went on to say that her mother told her during the family week that Ritesh was waiting for her outdoors. But she has made up her mind, and she will not stay with him until he gives her the marriage certificate.  Rakhi said, “For that, you must provide me with a marriage certificate, and I am willing to spend the rest of my life with you. I don’t think I’ll be able to maintain our relationship if you can’t get me the certificate. We’ll need to go our separate ways.”


During her rant, Rakhi Sawant also confirmed not being legally married to her husband Ritesh.