Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant asks Rashami the reason behind her ‘Divorce’ on national television

Rakhi Sawant brings Rashami’s divorce in the conversation and asks her the reason behind parting ways.

Bigg Boss 15 celebrities life is a open book and their personal lives are not private. In the recent episode we saw Rakhi Sawant asking Rashami Desai the reason why she parted ways with Nandish. Rashami recalled her past and broke down in tears. She did not reveal anything as she told that they both are happy in their lives now and don’t want to speak on it.

Rakhi further said that when the actress asked her about her past she said it all. Rashami then was seen low and after a while confronted Rakhi and said,”Tuje toh saab pata hai, toh phir kyu baat karni hai.” The actress further added,”Sab kuch yaad aaya, mere log muje yaad dilate hai toh phir pasand nahi.” There were many talks on Rashami Desai’s divorce with Nandish. The duo parted ways in 2016 after staying together for 4 years. Umar Riaz was seen cheering up Rashami and said to forget it as everybody has a past.


Netizens are also seen slamming Rakhi for bringing someone’s past on national television. Rashami and Nandish both spoke to stay silent and never talked about the reason of them parting ways as both are in a happy space now. Rashami also mentioned to Rakhi,”Agar mere wajah se kisika kuch bura hota hai, woh mein chahti nahi.” Rashamo remained silent when Rakhi asked her and the chapter was not opened.

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