Bigg Boss 15: Rajiv Adatia takes a funny turn on fat shaming by Vishal Kotian

In a clip of Bigg Boss 15, Rajiv Adatia becomes a good sport as Vishal Kotian tries to make fun of him because of his body.

Generally, participants of Bigg Boss get very personal in attempts to break down their opponent’s confidence. However, some participants are not that easy to break, such as Rajiv Adatia. In a clip of Bigg Boss 15, Vishal Kotian tries to make fun of Rajiv because of his body fat, nevertheless, Rajiv took it as a joke and made everyone laugh out loud.

In an Unseen Undekha of Bigg Boss 15 shared by Voot, Rajiv along with his housemates can be seen in the Bedroom area when Vishal enters the room and says that there is no need to take tension for food supplies for the whole season. He says, “Hamare pass tel hei, aalo hei, kadai hei.. iska (while pointing at Rajiv) bocha bhi kaat rahe hei humlog.. aur roz iska thoda thoda mutton banaenge..” Hearing this, Rajiv springs to his comical senses and reverts back by saying, “Atleast bocha toh hei mere pass.. tumlog itne sukde ho, lakdi jese dikhte ho.. koi bhi mujhe chutha hei na toh hei kuch chune ke liye.. tumlog ke pass kya hei?”


Everyone breaks down laughing when Rajiv says this and he spanks himself and says, “Mere pass jo hei achha hei.. tumlog kahi dabb jate ho toh bodypain bodypain karte rehte ho..” Rajiv slaps his stomach saying, “O paratha hei.. tumlog kabhi paratha nahi khate ho.. chal ja yaha se” At this point, Karan Kundrra barges into the Bedroom area and says to Rajiv that he wants to eat the leg piece, to which Rajiv says, “I will give any piece you want, just let me know if you are able to digest it.” Rajiv continued to call everyone “biscuit boys” as Pratik Sehajpal pulled his T-shirt to show his abs. Seeing this, Rajiv went ahead and said, “This looks like a stone to me. When someone hugs you, you should be warm and juicy like me. You are all cold.”