Bigg Boss 15: Rajiv Adatia recalls his quirky moment with ex-contestant Afsana Khan

Rajiv Adatia shares his quirky moment with Afsana Khan to housemates.

In a Bigg Boss 15 Extra Masala Clip, Rajiv Adatia, Umar Riaz, and Karan Kundrra are seen recalling their ex-contestant Afsana Khan. The housemates discuss their quirky moments with Afsana Khan when she was inside the house. However, Rajiv’s moment with Afsana will leave you in laughter!

Sitting on his bed Rajiv recalls the moment when Afsana had written Rajiv’s name for nomination and yet acted like his friend. She kept asking for bottles and chocolates like a friend would. Sharing to the housemates, he shared that she sneakily asked Rajiv’s vote to become the house captain even though she has given Rajiv’s name.


Mimicking Afsana Rahul said, “Mujhe Captain banna hai tum mujhe ghar ke andar le chalo.” Umar peeps from behind and adds that she didn’t even share the chocolates with Rajiv. Instead called the latter ‘Dhokebazz’ for no reason. Sharing further Rajiv tells that when Bigg Boss called her in the discussion room, she became sneaky as she was not telling him about what went down in the room.
He said, “Aaj tak muje reason ni pata.”  and shared that Afasana told  tell him to watch the episode on TV if he wants to know the explanation.

The housemates laughed at this quirky moment of Afsana Khan.