Bigg Boss 15 Promo: Ticket to Finale race among contestants; Pratik Sehajpal says, “Trophy chahiye toh finale mein hona padega”

Ticket to Finale race among contestants


Bigg Boss 15 contestants will now be fighting be get the ticket to finale and go ahead in the race. However, obstacles will the there as VIP members and having disputes about themselves. Rashami, Devoleena and Rakhi do not want Abhijeet to go ahead in the race. Rashami says,” Aap khudko shaane samajte ho, per ho nahi. “Rakhi is also seen telling,”Aap yaha pe sooye rehto ho, aapko kese aage leke jaaye.” VIP members have different opinion among themselves.

Karan is seen warning VIP members it is time for finale so it will be better if they play for themselves. Pratik is also seen telling,” Trophy chahiye toh finale mein hona padega.” The final decision will be upon VIP members and in one of the rounds they decide to raddh the round. Karan is seen angry and says, “Agar yeh round raddh hua toh dekhlo phir.” Bigg Boss makes an announcement that VIP members decision will be final but there is a twist to it as Bigg Boss say, “Lekin..” Have a look at the promo here:

The further reports also speak that the house has got its first finalist. The updates report that Nishant Bhat is the first finalist of Bigg Boss 15 house and gets the Ticket to Finale. It will be intense to watch how the game goes further.