Bigg Boss 15 Promo: Non VIP contestants declare an open war against VIP contestants; Rakhi Sawant warns, “Tumko bohot bhugatna padega”

The house is divided between VIP and Non VIP and things are getting worse

Bigg Boss 15 house is divided into VIP and Non VIP members as the task and the powers speak its worth. After the task housemates are very upset and have decided to trouble  VIP members and show them how the house can function.

The housemates are been united and decide that they will cook less, will not makes beds and wash utensils for the VIP’s. They also then play dirty and enter the VIP zone and trouble them and use their powers just to break them. On the other hand VIP members tell them to stop this tantrums. Devoleena says,” Yeh log itna cheap ho gaye hai ki khaane pe bhi ker rahe hai.” Umar makes it clear that now things are not going to happen how they feel. Rashami then says that,” Agar tum log yeh kare rahe ho toh bohat cheap lag raha hai.”


The battle does not end here as the housemates are united and use VIP privileges of food and other stuff. They eralier stole everything and now they are having it as well. Rakhi then warns Nishant by saying,” Tumko bohat bhugatna padega.” Have a look at the promo here:

The whole battle started after Shamita and Devoleena the sanchalak of the task went against each other in decision making. Devoleen was seen telling,” Toh tum log Shamita ko boldo ki accept kare ki hum jeet gaye.”