Bigg Boss 15: Nishant Bhat reveals his bed wetting habits!

In an Extra Masala clip of Bigg Boss 15, Neha Bhasin and Nishant Bhat talk about their childhood days as they were so carefree.

Bigg Boss 15 has been going on with a constant supply of entertainment for the viewers for the past five weeks. Over the course of these weeks, the house has had many fights, arguments, funny moments, and even breakdowns. However, in a recent clip of Bigg Boss 15 shared by Voot, Neha Bhasin and Nishant Bhat were seen talking about their childhood and revisiting those days when they used to be carefree and only had to go to school.

In the Extra Masala clip of Bigg Boss 15, every housemate can be seen in the kitchen area having a cup of coffee or tea and having breakfast. Neha asks everyone if they know what ‘Momjama’ is. Momjama is a sheet made of rubber or plastic which is used to prevent babies from wetting the bed while sleeping. She further says that she still used that sheet for a long time while growing up. Nishant asks Pratik Sehajpal till which class he used to wet his bed to which he says, “I used to wet my bed till class 6th and after class 6th, I did something else on the bed.”


Umar Riaz takes this opportunity to talk about how he used to be 4 ft. 9 in. tall till class 10th, as a result of delayed puberty. He says, “I used to like a girl in class 10th but I was unable to reach her height and now, my schoolmates are unable to recognise me as I have grown so tall.” Neha cracks a joke saying that “I got tall till class 7th, but did not move an inch after that.”