Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin admits of facing a hard time controlling her emotions; Nishant Bhat calls it ‘fitarat’

Nishant Bhatt and Neha Bhasin are having a discussion on emotion control as they discuss animal emotions.

In a Bigg Boss Extra Masala clip, Nishant Bhat, Pratik Sehajpal, and Neha Bhasin are seen discussing everyone’s emotions.
Sitting in the kitchen area, getting their chores completed Nishant discusses house members’ emotional quotient.
On the member, Nishant shares that, are yet to show their emotions onscreen. It is very surprising to Nishant.
Coming to Neha’s emotions, Nishant advises Neha to keep her emotions under control or they might backfire at her.
On his advice, Neha tells Nishant that she has always been in control of her emotions. Neha admits that sometimes she loses control but assures that it is alright to show a little emotion now and then.
The trio shifted the discussion from their emotions to animal emotions as Neha said that even animals show emotions in their unique way. Neha stated that “Animal ke emotion bahut trigger hote hai..but unke emotions first atte hai.”
Disagreeing with Neha Nishant adds that the ‘fitrat’ term is a human given term. He further adds, “sab apne bachao ke liye apne emotions ka use krte hai, so ise first nahi kehte hai” Supporting Nishant’s statement, Pratik adds that, “Janwaron ki fitrat bhi humne hi btayi hai.”
At the end of the clip, Neha circles back to the original conversation and tells Nishant that her emotions are her original fitrat and will get triggered if someone tries to play with them.