Bigg Boss 15: Here’s a cute TejRan moment- Karan Kundrra hugs Tejasswi and says, “Tu toh princess hai baby”

Karan Kundrra hugs Tejasswi and the moment is loved by the viewers. Karan asks for forgiveness and clarifies things with Tejasswi.


Bigg Boss 15 has a strong couple whose chemistry  is loved by millions. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Karan and Tejasswi are also the ones that are running the show on their shoulders. In the recent episode we saw that Rakhi tried to create problems between Tejran but she miserably failed.

Rakhi was seen saying that Tejasswi should be confident about her relationship and she should say that outside the house. Tejasswi however said that,”Karan mere se bohat pyar karta hai woh meer bina reh h nahi sakta.” Later Rakhi tried to create disputes which lead Karan say,”If you want to back off, you can please.”

Hearing this Tejasswi was in tears but later Karan brought Rakhi and cleared things that she was joking. Karan was then seen hugging Tejasswi and says,”Tu toh princess hai baby…Baby mein nhi reh sakta tere bina.” This moment was loved by viewers and there is no two ways that the duo have stood for each other.

Tejasswi was also seen telling that she has no problem that Karan and Shamita are friends and she is also ready to take a step back. Tejasswi is possessive about Karan and there is nothing wrong in that say fans. Do you like Tejran? Comment us down and let us know your views on the same.