Bigg Boss 15: Heart breaking UmRash moment- Rashami Desai recalls Umar Desai and cries in front of Rakhi Sawant

Rashami Desai recalls Umar Desai and cries in front of Rakhi. She says that she has never cried this much.


Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar was heart breaking for viewers as Umar Riaz eviction broke many hearts. In the Live Feed we see that Rashami Desai is seen sitting alone and breaks down in tears as she recalls Umar Riaz. Rakhi Sawant sees her and tells her to stop crying as it may affect her health. Rashami says,”Mein itna kisi ke liye nahi roe hu.’

Rashami and Umar shared a good bond in the house as the duo stood for each other in the house. The actress was seen explaining Rashami and Umar was there for her in the house and now she is alone. Rakhi then tries to console her and be with her. This moment is definitely heart breaking for UmRash fans. Rashami was shattered in tears when Umar was walking out from the house.

In the recent episode we saw that Rashami lost the Ticket To Finale. The show has extended and now the battle is still left. There are reports that Rajiv Adatia is going to enter the house.Do you like UmRash together? Comment us down and let us know your views on the same. For more updates and details stay tuned with us!