Bigg Boss 15: Gauahar Khan takes a dig at Umar Riaz’s eviction; says, “I’m surprised he wasn’t evicted before”

Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan shared her view on Umar Riaz’s eviction via social media. She also stated, “”I’m surprised he wasn’t evicted before.”


Reality show Bigg Boss 15 has been one of the top notch controversial topics like previous seasons. However, the current topic is Dr. Umar Riaz’s eviction from the house. He has been thrown out of the show due to a physical spat with co-contestant Pratik Sehajpal. Moreover, the push started from Umar’s side first. To this, most of the viewers are supporting Umar Riaz; as he was not the first one to be violent. Many contestants have shown their aggressive behavior even in this season itself.

However, Bigg Boss 7 winner – Gauahar Khan recently took to her social media handle and shared her views as well. It read, “Sorry to say , but he was evicted because he was extremely aggressive. Not once but on many occasions. I’m surprised he wasn’t evicted before. Karan has been extremely aggressive too . What’s actually unfair is that multiple chances r given to many offenders. It’s a mental game.”

Meanwhile, netizens slammed Gauahar in the comment section. Someone said, “@GAUAHAR_KHAN oooo then pratik should’ve been evicted in first week itself + what about simba when he thre umar in pool? umar wasn’t agressive there. atleast see what you speak gauhar. audience isn’t blind. same audience made you winner through biasedness + PUBLIC WINNER UMAR RIAZ.”

Another one said, “Why Simba was not Evicted why Neha was not Evicted why Shamita was not Evicted . Just because he is Asim’s brother he is Evicted. Aggressive sab ko dikhta hai aor entertainment, careness , sweetness etc kisko nhi dikti . Grow up yaar Btw ye Potik sirf maar khane aaya hai.”

Someone further stated, “Jab umar k sath ye sab huwa tab kaha thi aap gauahar????? Umar ko mara gaya uske f head pe?? Swimming pool mein phenka gaya lekin wo sab jaiz tha heat of the moment tha tab kaha thi aap? Are you the same gauahar jis ne kaha tha k armab tanisha ko favour kar rahe ho? I am shocked.”