Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena Bhattacharjee breaks down in front of the camera; asks Bigg Boss to give her a hug

Devoleena Bhattacharjee feels she has nobody to talk to inside the house. Get emotional in front of the camera and ask Bigg Boss for a hug.

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, Devoleena Bhattacharjee is seen having an emotional moment alone in front of a camera inside the house.
This happens, When Devoleena is sitting alone in a corner of the garden area. As the actress gets teary-eyed she says, “Bigg Boss can you give me a hug, I really want it.” to Bigg Boss in front of the camera.
With tears gushing from her eyes, Devo further adds, “I need it. I am down physically, emotionally, and mentally. There should be someone I can talk to. I am jealous and at the same time irritated.”
Talking to bigg boss alone on the camera Devoleena further adds that, this is the exact reason she gets angry and upset so quickly. She adds that she can’t talk to everyone inside the house and share everything as she doesn’t know their intentions with her. “Who should I speak with? I’m not sure who I’m going to tell this to. I’m not sure who will get what I’m saying and end up laughing at me. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I keep blabbering, but I have no idea what the other person is trying to say when they talk to me.” asks Devoleena to Bigg Boss.

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