Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta taunts Arshi Khan using her soft toy ‘Sheru’

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Vikas Gupta taunts Arshi Khan by using her soft toy ‘Sheru.’


Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan have bitter-sweet relationship inside and outside of Bigg Boss house. They are quite often seen calling each other with different names and talk about unnecessary topics in the house which created a huge tiff between them.

In the latest Voot extra masala clip, Vikas Gupta was seen playing with a soft toy tiger. He was addressing the soft toy tiger as ‘beta.’ He said, “Aaj beta tumhe hum aisi cheez dikhayenge, cute wali aakhe kyu dikha raha hai mujhe.” Then he hits that toy and asks him not to become like your mom (Arshi). In a way, Vikas apparently says this sarcastically in front of Arshi, to taunt her. 

Then later someone from behind says, “Aami nahi, apne baap Rahul jese mat dekhna.” To which Arshi Khan replies, “Uske aakhen apne baap paar gayi hai. Bilkul Rahul Vaidya jese.” Arshi even tries to imitate Rahul Vaidya’s posture. 

Vikas in a soft tone asks the soft toy in a way to taunt Arshi, “Tera konsa wala baap hai?” Arshi laughs loud after hearing this. She says, “Mamu ke haath mein baacha kitna aacha lag raha hai, (claps) and wow.” “Tumhari ghanimat jo ki hai aami ne, mujhe bhi taras aaraha hai tujpe. Jabki mujhe pata hai tu living thing nahi hai,” Vikas says. Vikas was clearly unhappy with the condition of the soft toy, and cursed Arshi (so called mom) for his condition.