Bigg Boss 14 Promo: Rahul Vaidya SHOUTS AT Eijaz Khan, ‘Teri mardangi naa mardo pe nikaal’

Bigg Boss 14 In the upcoming episode we will witness a major fight between Rahul Vaidya and Eijaz Khan during duck task. Eijaz calls Rahul a coward.

The fourteenth season of Bigg Boss has now completed two months and is become more interesting with the entry of the Challengers. But what people are most excited about is the comeback of Rahul Vaidya. After their entry the netizens stay hooked to the show, as it is taking an interesting turn day by day.
However, in the upcoming episode, a major fight is going to take place between Rahul Vaidya and Eijaz Khan as they both will be seen saying harsh things to each other in the captaincy task.

Currently, the duck task is going on and the task is going to continue in today’s episode too. Now in the show, a verbal fight is going to take place between Rahul and Eijaz.
It starts off with Eijaz Khan telling Rahul that he has a nonsensical mind as he does not understand a single word that Rubina says as she is the sanchaalak of the task.


After this, it gets heated and Rahul almost enters the ring and Eijaz says that you are doing all this because you want a fight, to which Rahul says I want that you should hit me.
The promo ends with Rahul telling Eijaz Khan, “Teri Mardangi Naa Mardon Pe Nikal” After which Eijaz Khan is fuming and called Rahul Vaidya a coward.

Further, Rahul says that he walked out of the show on his will, and has returned on his own will. In the task, Rahul is seen helping Aly Goni to become the captain of the house.
Whereas, Eijaz Khan has been nominated this week.
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