Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat reveals she will stay ‘within the limits of decency’ on the show

Sonali Phogat, who entered the Bigg Boss 14, opened up about her game strategy and the struggles she faced after her husband’s death.

BJP leader and Tiktok star Sonali Phogat entered the Bigg Boss 14 house, has previously made headlines for slapping a government official, and then thrashing him with a slipper in a public view.

Before entering the show, She had an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times. She spoke about her game plan, her struggle after her husband’s death, and talks about her controversial video that went viral.


In an interaction, when asked about her decision to take up Bigg Boss 14, she revealed, “I am not just a politician but an artist as well. I have been following Bigg Boss for quite some time now. It is the number one reality show in the country, and everyone loves it. When I got a call to be a part of Bigg Boss, I felt like I could not have got a better show, and I should give it a shot.”

On being asked about her game plan in the house, she says that she would play a very clean game and would stay within her limits of decency. She adds that she is not planning too much, and she can’t judge anyone’s behavior before entering the house.

Further, she was asked about her most controversial video of her hitting a government official in public. She says, “See, the matter is still in court, and if I say anything on it, it will amount to contempt of court. But what I can say is, if anyone tries to violate the dignity of a woman, I am always ready to fight. I come from the field of social work. If I cannot protect myself, how will I protect other women? When it comes to fighting for my dignity or someone else rights, I have no qualms in doing so.”

She further reveals her struggles, she says, “I come from a very humble background. I was born in a farmer’s family. I studied at a government school till Class X, and I was married off after that. After marriage, I decided that I want to do something and show the world that women should not be weak but work shoulder to shoulder with the men. My in-laws allowed me to study further, but they did not want me to go out and work. However, I convinced my husband and got his permission.”

She adds, “Then, my struggle started because I got into the acting line, and there was no one to help me. I had to make it on my own. Then, I became associated with politics, and my husband supported me here as well. But after he died, I saw the reality of people and how they view a woman. If a woman is good-looking and alone, she is not allowed to live. She was mentally tortured, and the wrong things are talked about her. People make all kinds of attempts to force you to sit at home or take advantage of you. After my husband passed away, I faced many such hardships, which have made me stronger.”