Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat reveals about the time she fall in love with someone after her husband’s death

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Rahul Vaidya questions Sonali Phogat about her love life post her husband’s death.

Actor turned politician Sonali Phogat made a wild card entry in the Bigg Boss 14 house. After spending a month in the house, Sonali has made a mark and playing her game well.

In the recent extra masala clip, while taking with Rahul VaidyaSonali Phogat revealed that she fell in love with somebody two years after her husband’s death. Rahul said, “Ek baat puchu apse Sonali ji, agar aap bura naa manne toh.” He inquires when was the last time she fell in love with someone after her husband’s death. In her life, there was a time when she felt a genuine connection and thought about him or even liked him.


Sonali replies, “Ha, aaya tha ek baar, do saal pehle.” She further states that the relationship didn’t go any further, to which Rahul and Arshi both ask the reason behind it. Although Sonali doesn’t mention anything about that relationship, she just says that there were some reasons. Rahul asks whether it was from her side or the man. Sonali calmly says, “Mere taraf se thi, Mein nahi chahti thi.”

Arshi questions if Sonali loved more. She says that both of them loved each other. Rahul scolds Arshi for asking such questions directly and not giving some space. Sonali says that after her husband’s death, she felt like there was nothing in her life. She felt like everything was meaningless. But after she met that man, she started living it, doing all things once she had left.