Bigg Boss 14: Shardul Pandit speaks about his nephew, Aaryansh, in a conversation with Pavitra Punia

Shardul Pandit, in a conversation with Pavitra Punia, speaks about his nephew Aaryansh and how much he misses him.

Bigg Boss 14 usually consists of heated arguments, conflicts and controversies. However, the housemates do share light notes with each other which are not only relaxing for them but for the audience as well. Shardul Pandit and Pavitra Punia were seen sharing a light note in an Extra Masala clip by Voot in which Shardul talks about his nephew, Aaryansh and expresses how much he misses him.

Shardul speaks how he talks to camera thinking he is talking to his nephew after everyone falls asleep every night as his nephew was crying a lot after he came to know that Shardul will be in the house of Bigg Boss. He further said that his nephew, Aaryansh, kept insisting that he wants to go with his uncle. Shardul also tells Pavitra that he was not even able to video call with his nephew as he used to cry a lot and when the producers of the show asked the housemates what would they like to see from their family, Shardul requested a video in which he is talking to Salman Khan that “Salman Uncle, I want the bracelet and the jacket as well!” He continued talking about how close he is with his nephew as his nephew asked him how will he manage without his uncle. He further said, “Once talking to Karan, Aaryansh asked Karan why has he not made his dog wear any clothing as they might catch a cold.” He went on to add how much Aaryansh loves dogs.

Pavitra went on to say that Aaryansh is building up habits just like Shardul. Hearing this, Shardul said, “When Rinki was pregnant with Aaryansh, she came to Mumbai to live with me. Every day, I used to keep my hand on her belly and I would say ‘I love you, Aaryansh’ and he used to kick from the inside. And someone told me that if I ever land in any trouble, I should remember Aaryansh. There is a unique connection between us. Just because I drink black coffee, he started drinking black coffee as well. Making him fall asleep is a task as just like me, he also gets active during the night. To be friendly with him and play with him, one needs to wear good clothes and be well-dressed otherwise he would not play with you.” On this, Pavitra jokingly says that she will wear a red lipstick before she comes to meet him to which Shardul says, “He has seen you in a very bold make-up with black lipstick and all.”

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