Bigg Boss 14: Shardul Pandit praises Rubina Dilaik for her ‘transgender’ role

Shardul Pandit praised Rubina Dilaik for the courage she has to pick a role of transgender for a television serial.

Bigg Boss 14 usually consists of heated arguments, conflicts and controversies. However, the housemates do share light notes with each other which are not only relaxing for them but for the audience as well. In one such moment, Shardul Pandit can be seen praising Rubina Dilaik for being courageous enough to do the role of a transgender woman in a television serial in an Extra Masala clip shared by Voot.

The clip starts with Shardul and Rubina being in the bedroom area where Rubina is getting ready with her make-up. Shardul says from behind that he would not be getting in any quarrel with her to which Rubina asks him that from where did he get all this understanding. Shardul then states that he has started sitting where it is necessary to understand things. He further adds that it was very brave of Rubina to agree to play the role of Soumya Singh, a transgender woman in a TV serial named Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. On this, Rubina says, ” I did not pick up any work for two years in order to get that role because I wanted to have the right project. However, I realised that there are no right and wrong, it depends on how you take it and make it. I will always be grateful for the risks that I took. It was a big risk.”

Shardul further said that “At times, risks might pay-off and at times might not.” to which Rubina says, “Had this role backfired, it would have been really bad. Then it would have not been accepted by anyone in the audience.” Adding further, Shardul says, “I am happy that our audience accepted the role and the project open-mindedly because there were many who said that the role would not be accepted by much people but I am really happy that it did.”

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