Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan bashes Rakhi Sawant for abusing Nikki Tamboli, she begs for forgiveness from GOD!

Rakhi Sawant had used abusive language for Nikki Tamboli during a task and Salman Khan took her to task for the use of such language.

The recent Weekend Ka Vaar was all about Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan’s fight. However, there were some moments which can’t be left out. Salman Khan scolded Rakhi Sawant for abusing Nikki Tamboli.

He said she is entertaining inside the house, but the use of abusive words cuts short her footage that can’t be aired on TV. He adds, “You are getting carried away. You abuse, the boys laugh, and you believe it is fun and continues abusing.”


Rakhi explained, “Nikki ne meri mundi tod di thi, sir and mere muh se galli nikal gayi.” Rakhi shared a moment when Nikki was abusive with Kashmera Shah, meanwhile, she was busy collecting the food but even that Nikki threw it and was wasting her efforts, so in the heat of the moment, she used foul language.

Salman reminded her of Jesus, which made her instantly tear up. She says, “I just stared at the sky, and somehow I used abusive words. I swear to God I never use abusive words.” Rakhi sought forgiveness from God and told Salman she is not the girl who abuses anyone.

Everyone was in fits of laughter after Rakhi’s emotional explanation. Rubina was teased for laughing at Rakhi’s story by Salman, for which she apologized.

Even the ex-contestants couldn’t keep their calm. Kamya Punjabi, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, and Shefali Bagga loved Rakhi’s antics and expressed it on Twitter.