Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik yells at Abhinav Shukla, ‘Shut up and listen to me’

In the recent promo, Rubina Dilaik yells at Abhinav Shukla. Kavita Kaushik saves Eijaz Khan.

In the new week of Bigg Boss 14, we will witness tension due to nominations. The contestants will fight with each other to save from nominations.

In the recent promo, Eijaz Khan asked Abhinav Shukla to not nominate Rahul Vaidya. But the latter rejects the idea and says Rahul has disrespected his wife. So he would nominate Rahul, which upsets Eijaz.


Rubina Dilaik is seen fighting with Abhinav. Rubina tells Abhinav not to risk everything. But he tells her he knows his mind. Rubina loses her cool and yells “Just shut up and listen to me”. Abhinav asks her to let him handle the situation his way.

Later, Rahul nominates Eijaz and says that if he is in danger, then he wants Abhinav and him also to be in the same zone. Rahul and Eijaz fight over the nominations. Eijaz picks Abhinav. Jasmin Bhasin takes Pavitra Punia‘s name because she is disgusted with her. Pavitra calls Jasmin ‘judgemental’ and nominates her.

Finally, Kavita Kaushik is given the authority to save one contestant. She saves Eijaz Khan and nominates Aly Goni, which leaves the contestants shocked.