Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik is frustrated because Abhinav Shukla doesn’t order for himself

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rubina Dilaik shares her frustration over Abhinav Shukla not ordering food for himself.

Bigg Boss 14 has already completed half of its journey. Over time we have seen the housemates discuss various topics and share their knowledge. In a recent Extra Masala clip, we see the housemates discuss ‘The One Bite.’

As the video begins, we see Jasmin Bhasin telling Rubina Dilaik and Jaan Kumar Sanu about how she always asks Aly when she orders food. Aly Goni tells the other two that if asked for a bite, ‘Aisi shakal banayegi jaise maut aa gayi ho.‘ Jasmin defends herself saying that is why she always asks before ordering food.


Rubina tells her part saying she gives Abhinav choices to eat from the variety available. And when she serves herself, he will finish off half of the food from her plate. She adds that when she asks he says no and then later eats more than half of her food. Jasmin tells Rubina that she always orders for Aly first and then for herself. Jaan tells them about his friend who asks for one bite of a burger and says that baffles him how anyone can one bite of a burger.

Aly then shares an incident about his ex-girlfriend when they went to a movie theatre. He says that he always asked her what she would eat but she always refused. He continues saying that when she asked for a bite, more than half of the burger was gone. Jaan and Aly express their pain over this while Aly says that he asked for the burger back from his then-girlfriend. He added that they didn’t talk because of it for 6-7 days.

The clip ends with Jaan and Aly saying that everyone should order their own food instead of asking for a bite.