Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik gives the example of senior Gauahar Khan as an ideal leader

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rubina Dilaik is in conversation with Jasmin Bhasin on how an ideal leader should behave and gives the example of senior Gauahar Khan.

Bigg Boss 14 is raising the bar of drama to a higher level now, with three new contestants added to the Bigg Boss house, it has become even more thrilling to watch the show now. In an Extra Masala video of Bigg Boss 14, Rubina seems to be giving out some ‘extra masala’ gossips to the viewers. In the snippet, Rubina Dilaik is seen having a conversation with Jasmin Bhasin over how an ideal captain should behave.

While gulping down a plate full of fruits, Rubina says, “Mai dictatorship nahi, na mai support karungi, na mai uske aage jhukungi” (Neither am I going to support dictatorship in the house, nor will I bow in front of it). Jasmin too agrees with what Dilaik says.

Here, Rubina is indirectly talking about Kavita Kaushik who was the previous captain of the BB house. While the F.I.R actress was still a captain, she had asked Rubina to do her personal work, which according to Rubina was a way of implementing dictatorship in the house. Rubina being the rebel that she is, denied doing the work and left the work station.

Later, Rubina reminisces how the seniors set them up. She gives example of Gauahar Khan as their true leader. She shares that Gauahar irrespective of being the kitchen leader never asked anybody else to do her personal work. She always did it herself. Be it washing the dishes, making tea for herself or cleaning the work station. She worked on her own and earned respect of the housemates. She never implemented any orders on the contestants. Jasmin too agrees with Rubina and calls her the ‘true queen’.

Rubina then goes on to call Kavita a ‘shameless’ person indirectly. She says, that if someday the captain gets tired, then she is so ‘shameless’ that she can even ask some contestant to brush her teeth. Jasmin then shares her views and says that the captain in the house are not up to the mark as they fail to influence those under them.

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