Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant wants to buy a NEW HOUSE for her Widow Sister

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rakhi Sawant tells that she wants to purchase a new flat for her widow Sister, who is presently living on rent.


In a recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi Sawant express her desire to buy a new home. While discussing with Rahul Vaidya on owning a house, Rakhi ends up sharing her family problems with Rahul.

Rakhi asks Rahul, “Do you have your own house?” “Yes,” Rahul replies. “You have five flats Rakhi, so there is no need to be worry,” Rahul adds. “Five!!! Nope, One flat I have gifted to my sister in law and one to my own sister. But my sister sold that flat to pay the expenses of hospital. She is widow, so when her husband died, she sold that flat for basic needs,” Rakhi says to Rahul.

“I want to buy a flat for my widow sister, even a 1 BHK flat will be okay, not necessarily in posh area. How much will it cost?” Rakhi asks Rahul. “Approximately 40-50 lac,” Rahul replies. Then Rahul also suggests a flat, “One of my friend’s building project is going on and it will be finished in an year. You can check out its flats, they are good enough.”

Rakhi ends up sharing the problems of her widow sister. Rakhi tells, “I am so sad to see my sister living on rent. She needs to change her flat every year with two little kids. I want to do the best for her, until I am alive.”

“What’s wrong in living on rent. I have seen many renters who lived in a same flat for over 10 years. There is no need to change the flat every year. I think there is any sort of problem for sure,” Rahul concludes.

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