Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant has fallen in love with a housemate, says she will change herself for the person

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rakhi Sawant says she has fallen in love with a housemate. Arshi Khan wonders if it is Eijaz Khan.

Ever since her entry in the Bigg Boss 14 house, Rakhi Sawant has entertained the contestants and the viewers of the show. She has won the hearts of many people with her funny antics. Now, she claims that she has fallen in love with one of her fellow housemates. Hearing this confession, Arshi Khan makes fun of her.

As the Extra Masala clip begins, Rakhi confesses to Arshi Khan that she has fallen in love with someone in the house. She adds that the person has a problem. Explaining to Arshi Khan, she says that the person likes long hair on a girl, wants a wife and likes her fair. Arshi seems confused and asks Rakhi who that person is. Ignoring her question, Rakhi continues to say, “Mein apne nakli baal laga ke lambe karungi. 4 din khana nahi khaungi toh patli ho jaungi.” She adds that she is willing to change according to the person’s wishes. Arshi asks her again and Rakhi says that she knows the person.

Rakhi asks Arshi, “Mein is ghar mein kiske piche padhi hu?” Arshi answers with Eijaz Khan and says that Rakhi confessed her love for him. Rakhi says that she likes teasing Eijaz and is not serious. Arshi Khan continues to pull her leg and says that Eijaz saw Rakhi in his dream. Rakhi replies, “Toh usne dekha na. Maine nahi.” Later she dismisses Arshi saying, “Usko toh meri sweetheart Pavitra pasand karti hai.Kisi aur ka maal hai woh.” She adds that she likes a scientist.

Arshi declares that she likes no one in the house. Rakhi calls her a ‘badlu’ and Arshi laughs at her statement.

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