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Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant Explains Why Her Biography Film Would Be ‘TOO CONTROVERSIAL!’

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rakhi Sawant explains how many directors are approaching her to make a biography film on her.


In a recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, Paras Chhabra asks Rakhi Sawant the kind of movie she wants to do in future. In response, Rakhi says that she wishes to do a dance related movie.

Paras asks Rakhi, “What’s your plan for future? What kind of movies would you like to do in a lead role?”

Rakhi replies, “No one will ever give me a lead role, why not think up on second or third lead role!” “Just suppose that if you get a chance to do a lead role, then what kind of film it would be?” Paras asks again.


“Have you heard about movies like ‘Dance With Me’ or ‘Pakeezah’? I want to do movies like that which are primarily based upon dance or something which is women centric,” Rakhi replies to Paras.

Then, Paras and Rakhi discusses on Kangana Ranaut’s film ‘Queen’. Paras tells Rakhi to do a film like Queen as it is a women centric film. Paras tells how Kangana Ranaut in her movie goes on a trip alone and lives in between three boys very boldly. Rakhi appreciates the film but claims that she often do such things and there is nothing new about it. Rakhi tells that no one gives her company in traveling, so she prefers to go alone.

Paras then suggests Rakhi to do her own biography film. In response, Rakhi says, “You know what, four directors are interested in this, but it will be too controversial. If the makers will give me a one time payment, then I may think about that. However, my biography film is not about completing my dreams, rather it will prove to be a reason to destroy my career.”


Rakhi remembers her struggle and tells how her husband gave her divorce and there was a time when she was not even able to come out and face people. Rakhi tells that she moved on from all that and struggled a lot to reach where she is now. “Everyone knows about your struggle,” Paras says.

“People know about my struggle verbally, not visually. If they will see my struggle in visual form, they will sure get goosebumps. In film industry, people hit others to move on, but I hit myself to move on. I am like a ‘touch-me-not plant.’ When I shout in BB house, people think that I am dramatic and acting, but actually they are wrong.”