Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant discusses her master plan with Vikas Gupta and Rubina Dilaik

The captaincy task takes interesting turns, Rakhi Sawant has a master plan to win the task.

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi Sawant was the major highlight as she created great nuisances in the house. She acted like she was possessed by a 200-year-old spirit. From scaring Eijaz Khan to shouting at Rahul Mahajan, Rakhi has the house both in splits and fear.

This time Bigg Boss conducted a very different captaincy task for the housemates. In the task, Rahul Mahajan posed as a zamindar while Rakhi Sawant was the spirit of his dead wife, whom he had killed. All the other housemates were guests in Rahul Mahajan’s house and his new wife was Jasmin Bhasin. In the recent extra masala clip, Rakhi Sawant revealed to Rubina Dilaik and Vikas Gupta that she pretended to be asleep to eavesdrop on Aly Goni and his friends gossiping about Vikas.


While talking to Rubina and Vikas, Rakhi said, “Kal raat ko tumlog ko nahi malum kya hua, mai sone ka poora natak kar rahi thi” and also said they everybody was bitching about Vikas Gupta. Nikki Tamboli, Rahul Mahajan, Aly Goni, and Jasmin all four of them had made a group and started bitching about other housemates.

Vikas said that it is all a showoff as they want him to lose the game first. Further, Rubina and Vikas discuss the captaincy task and who’ll become the contender after which Rubina said that she already has been inside the house two times, she can’t afford one more. While talking about Rubina, Rakhi said, “Maine inpe trust kiya tha naa, I trust her and both people in the house that is you & you“. Vikas said that it’s time they should not let go Rubina inside the house and somehow Rubina and Vikas were a little confused about the game.

Rakhi added that if she will send Rubina inside the house, it will be only to convince Nikki and bring her outside. To this Rubina replied that Nikki won’t be convinced now, Jasmin has already done it. Rubina also said, “Aap risk le raho ho, yaa loge. Mujhe andar bhej ke“. If Nikki, Jasmin, Aly, and Rahul have already become a group then it’s impossible to defeat them.