Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya was FORCED to leave the show, claims The Khabri

The Khabri revealed that Rahul Vaidya was forced to leave the show after he was highly demotivated.

Bigg Boss 14 house is the talk of the town because of it’s fights and controversies. But the show has been highly criticised for the elimination of some of popular contestants. On the weekend, Salman Khan who was upset with Rahul Vaidya‘s disinterest in the game and called it ‘lack of enthusiasm and lack of interest towards the show.’ Rahul decided to voluntarily walk out of the house. This didn’t go well with the fans as they bashed the makers.

The Khabri, who happens to be the insider of the show made shocking claims about the singer’s exit. It was revealed that Rahul’s exit was not voluntarily, but was rather forceful. He claimed how Rahul was constantly demotivated that also affected his game. The Khabri wrote on Twitter, “Some People think #RahulVaidya Quit?? No he was forced to quit!!! He was demotivated to the level that he had quit.”


They further wrote, “When #RubinaDilaik wanted to quit at early stage of show, @BiggBoss Spent an hour with her in confession room to motivate her for staying.”

Ever since his exit, ‘NO RAHUL NO BB14’ tag has been trending to show their support to the singer.