Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya says he is thankful for being on the show, says, ‘It’s an eye opener’

In an Unseen Undekha of Bigg Boss 14, Rahul Vaidya was seen thanking the opportunity he has for being on the show as a contestant.

Bigg Boss 14 has been buzzing with controversies, arguments and conflicts amongst the housemates over various things. The show has also started picking its pace as the tasks for the captaincy of the house, as well as to be immune from the elimination process has begun. A lot of people, including the contestants and the audience call the show toxic and dramatic, Rahul Vaidya is someone who was seen appreciating the opportunity he has received to be a part of the show.

In an Unseen Undekha of Bigg Boss 14 shared on Voot, Rahul can be seen appreciating the opportunity of presenting himself in the house as a participant. He says how moved he is from the lines of Bigg Boss who said, “If you do not change with time, time will not waste time before it registers you in the pages of history.” Rahul says how moved he is with these lines and says, “Jese mere Instagram account mei likha hua hei, ‘Ambassdor of Happiness’, jo mei hu and mujhe bahot important lagta hei life mei but uske saath saath mei yeh line bhi add kardunga.”


He further adds that the show is an eye-opener for him in many ways. Rahul says, “Thank you for having me on the show. It is an eye-opener, I guess, in many way, in so many ways. Bahot saari cheeze pata chali iss show mei, pehle suna toh tha ki bhagwan ne harr insaan ko alag banaya hei par uska application abhi hua hei.”