Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya says, an event organiser wanted the money blown by audiences when he sang, reveals ‘I was SHOCKED’

In a recent Extra Masala clip Rahul Vaidya is seen narrating an incident to the housemates regarding a show with drums filled with money.

In Bigg Boss house, every contestant shares their own strories and experiences of life, some are serious while some are funny.

The clip starts with Rahul Vaidya narrating a funny incident to the housemates that once there was a show in Ludhiana, where the show’s organisers always asked for 10% of the show. But once the organiser didn’t ask for 10%. The organiser said to him that he doesn’t want 10% this time to which Rahul asked him the reason.
Then, the organiser asked him to give the money which are showered by the audience in praose of performance, to which Rahul gets shocked at the sudden change of mind of the organiser.

Rahul says afyer hearing that he was both happy and shocked at the same time because he was not aware of the people of Punjab would shower so much money in the performance. Abhinav Shukla asks him how’s that possible, Rahul replies he didn’t knew anything about it at that time. Abhinav says what would have happened if the audience wouldn’t blow it and starts laughing. Everyone laughs at the same. Rubina Dilaik jokes to which Abhinav says “joke mat maar sunane de use story.”

Rahul then continues the incident, says that on the day of show, when the performance started the audience started to shower a lot of money, then Rahul notices that two drums have been filled with money. Rahul says that he and all his other jury gets distracted while the money was blowing.
Rahul further added that after the event he even went to the organiser to talk about it and asked for 10% but he didn’t.

Rahul says this was a once in a lifetime experience for him. He also mimics the organizer to which everyone laughs at loud.

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