Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya Objects Salman Khan for calling him a quitter

While Rahul Vaidya questions Salman Khan for calling him a quitter, Aly Goni has something else to say.

Last night’s episode started with Rubina Dilaik in the middle of the task, playing songs, and also talking about Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Sawant being fake friends.

In this week’s Weekend ka Vaar, Salman Khan was seen scolding everyone, each and every member for not playing the task right, and not being able to play for themselves.


The contestants got praised by Salman Khan for their recent Captaincy Task. He also mentioned that Arshi and Nikki made the right use of their brains. Nikki was asked why she supported Rahul, instead of playing for herself, to which she started to cry and said that she wanted to bond with Rahul. Arshi was also asked as to why she thought that everyone had a soft spot for her against Vikas Gupta. She didn’t know what to answer, so she fought with Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni instead.

Salman said jokingly, “Film city ke Bandar aur kutte upset hain ki aap log show ko seriously nahi le rahe, khud ko seriously nahi le rahe.”

The caller of the week asked Abhinav why he told Rubina that Rahul Vaidya was nothing if Aly is not around. Abhinav said Rahul had said he would not have quit if Aly was there in the house. The question hit the nerve for Rahul, and he started clarifying to Salman Khan that he wanted to clarify that he felt bad when as host, he labeled him as someone who ran away. “Sir, Aap kehte hain bhaaga hai, bhaga hai, bhaga hai to accha nahi lagta.”

Salman got exasperated and told Rahul, “It is good that you took this up. I must tell you. You ran away and you cannot escape that reality. You took your mother’s name but that was not the case. It was a weak moment and you could have overcome it. You did not. You were scared of the situation and chose to run away. It was at such a point that we allowed it but do think that would have been possible normally? Does your contract allow it? I will say this every weekend that you ran away and you must have the guts to own up to your mistakes. Don’t try and put it on me.” 

Salman also added. “Be a man and face it. You were scared of being alone. In this house, people have been isolated for weeks. Gautam Gulati, Vikas, Arshi – so many of them were all alone. The whole house went against them for weeks. They did not run away crying. You are lucky the contestants are not picking the issue in the house. The fact that you could go out and meet the family is unfair for them.”

Rahul then questioned Salman and asked why was he brought back to the show? to which Salman replied, “Why did you come? Did we hold your hands to drag you to the show? Did we beg you to come back? All I am trying to tell you is that this show is doing good for you, that’s it. End it there.” Soon after Salman went, Aly was seen talking to Rahul that he should not have picked the issue with a Bollywood Star, let alone Salman Khan. “You should have talked to me once about it,” Aly told Rahul.