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Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya gets SAVED, all housemates nominated

Bigg Boss nominates all the housemates and assigns tasks to save one contestant among themselves. Rahul Vaidya gets saved and other housemates gets nominated.


Since only three weeks are left to the Bigg Boss 14 grand finale. It’s very important for the contestants now to save themselves from the nominations. And this week’s nominations is held in a little different way, where Bigg Boss nominates all the contestants and further assigns them a task wherein they can save only one housemate from the nominations otherwise all the housemates will be nominated. 

In the task, contestants one by one will go into the theatre room and will write one name whom they want to save. At first, Rubina Dilaik goes and she writes Abhinav Shukla’s name on the board, after which Abhinav goes and chooses to keep his name on the paper. Then Rakhi Sawant enters and she also chooses to save Abhinav. Even Arshi khan also sticks with Abhinav’s name on it to save him.

It was Rahul Vaidya who goes inside next and decides to scrap Abhinav’s name. As Rahul Vaidya scraps Abhinav’s name, the page was blank, and then it was Aly Goni who enters and he writes Rahul’s name on it. Devoleena also supports Rahul and choose to stick with him only.


In the end, it was Nikki Tamboli who has to decide whether she would save Rahul scrap his name. However, Nikki decides not to scrap Rahul’s name and let him be safe from the nominations this week. Thus, Rahul is safe, and the rest are nominated.

Well, it will be quite interesting to see who gets evicted this week from Bigg Boss 14 house, being just few weeks away from finale.